What is a course induction?

A course induction is conducted at the beginning of your course. It is usually in the first week and it is an opportunity to get to know your personal tutor, programme leader and peers before you begin your course, as well as ask any questions you may have.

Key information, such as what you can expect in the first semester, on any work placements, any structures learning activities will be outlined for you, and there will also be opportunities to ask any questions related to your course. Health and Safety guidance may be outlined in your induction, or separate inductions may be scheduled at a later time when you are in a practical environment with the relevant machinery, for example.

You may also be introduced to any areas of Moodle that you can use to find your timetable, program handbook, or contact details, for example, so that you can prepare, review or catch up with content that will be covered in your studies.

If you have any enquiries relating to this you can contact your Personal Tutor to discuss, their contact details can be found on your Moodle or Student Portal. If you are unable to find this please see the details at the bottom of the course page for your course.