When is the deadline for submitting a portfolio or APEL?

There are different types of portfolios that could be requested for each course, and we understand that portfolios are sometimes still in a development process when your conditional offer has been made.

When a portfolio is requested you will receive an email from the Undergraduate or International Admissions Team, usually with additional follow-up's from the Programme Leader of the course.

The email will detail the portfolio requirements, the format, and where to send your portfolio. You will typically receive updates to remind you to submit your portfolio if you have not submitted already and if you have any questions about submitting your portfolio beyond the information that has been requested you could contact your Programme Leader directly by the details on the email or course page.

For UCAS applications

You will need to submit your portfolio before the UCAS decline by default date, with plenty of time for the tutor to review your portfolio. If you submit too near to the deadline then there will not be enough time to do this before the DBD date, and you could unwittingly decline your place. If you are applying for a September start then this will usually be by April.

If you have any questions about submitting your portfolio then please refer to the portfolio email that has been sent to you, or contact the Programme Leader directly by the details on the email or the appropriate course page of the course you are applying to.

For courses requiring APEL

APEL is Accreditation of Prior Education and Learning. This is usually demonstrated by your certificates and transcripts which show the tutor and relevant Admissions Team that you have learned at the appropriate level before you enter a course.

If you have been in employment for some time, then you may have a similar document such as a record of professional development, ongoing achievement record, or practice assessment document that you could submit. 

The deadline for submitting APEL is typically much earlier since those documents should be easily accessible or requested from your workplace. Due to the wide variety of professional development and learning that can be considered as APEL, the process can sometimes take longer as it needs to be considered by the Programme Leader. If you have any other queries about this you can contact the Programme Leader directly.

You can also chat to our staff directly every Wednesday from 2pm - 4pm and periodically throughout the working week.

Alternatively, chat to our current students who will be able to share this information with you and any other course-related queries.

Or book onto one of our Open Days or Course Advice Days to find out more and speak with the team.

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