Disability Services

What funding is available for study-related support?

Internal Panel Requests

There will be some circumstances where students' may not be eligible for external funding such as the Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA), but may still have disability-related costs associated with their studies. The aim of the Internal Panel is to ensure that students are not disadvantaged in their studies because of a disability, despite not being eligible for external funding. Examples of support might include:

  1. Non-Medical Help, such as a Specialist Mentor, 1:1 Study Skills, or a BSL Interpreter
  2. Specialist Equipment such as a Loan Laptop with Assistive Software
  3. Support with additional travel expenses incurred by a disability.

Rather than applying for external funding, a Disability or Mental Health Advisor would put together recommendations for the approval of a panel at the University. Any approved support would be funded by the University's Disability Premium Fund. Justified recommendations for support would be made following on from an appointment with a Disability or Mental Health Advisor, with a students' written consent.