Viewing Student Housing: Tips On What to Look For

We recommend our University accommodation Orlando Village , particularly for the first year of studies when moving away from home. It's a great way to make new friends and be located close to campus, as well as become familiar with the local area and surroundings.

After the first year, many students in their second and third year move into private accommodation.  Student housing, however, can sometimes come under critique for having different issues and standards, especially when compared to the standards that student halls do. So, for private accommodation, it is key that when looking round you lookout for these signs to avoid disappointment with living conditions later in the year.


Looking around to make sure the house doesn't have any damp is very important, as it not only looks unappealing but can cause health issues especially in students with hay fever or asthma. Checking the ceilings and floors during house viewings can give you a good idea about whether the accommodation is damp, and if you are unsure about this it would be advisable to consider other accommodation or enquire with the agent about how the accommodation is managed and maintained. 

Location, Location, Location 

Choosing where to live based on the monthly rent price can lead to long commutes or houses in less student-friendly areas away from friends. If you want to save on rent by living about further afield it is good to in advance look at the transport links and check that it is still an easy walk, drive or bus into university. Additionally, if in less student-friendly areas then Student contents insurance could be considered too.


Pests can be an issue in student houses that are not well maintained, so double-checking for these while viewing houses can be really helpful. Start by examining the cupboards and making sure the property looks clean and well kept, check for damp, the outdoor waste area, and enquire about how this is managed when viewing to gain peace of mind, or assurance to move on.


Everyone wants to feel safe in their home. Checking crime rates for the street can help you figure out if the area you're moving into is a good and safe area for students. checking the house for basic safety checks is also important, and any house of multiple occupancies or student homes (which are often HMO's) should follow the right legislation and by living there, letters should be entitled to certain rights. Make sure the house has working smoke alarms, extinguishers, fire exits, and even enquire about the security or burglar alarms for good for peace of mind and to know exactly what you are committing to. 

Appliances and white goods 

Making sure your house is fully fitted with good appliances helps make life easier while living there. It's also worth making sure that there are enough appliances to cater for tthe amount of people living in the accomodation. For example, if you're moving in as a group of six and there's only one fridge-freezer, this probably won't work. You'll need to address this with the landlord or the group to work out what the resolution is.

Overall furnishings 

Checking that all the furniture you see during the house viewing comes with the house is an important thing to check during house viewings. A good tip is to go for a house that provides students with their own desks and chairs for their rooms to allow you to have a private study and work area. At a minimum this will allow you to study comfortably at home and have some space to relax and rest.

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