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Student housing: 10 steps when moving in

Moving into university housing or halls can be long due to the long list of different things on your to do list. To help break down all the key jobs and make sure your move into University of Bolton goes smoothly here are the top 10 tasks you need to consider on moving in day. Many are obvious or easy to forget when moving in. 

1. Check your inventory 

At the beginning of your tenancy, you should receive an inventory of what should be in your room/ property. It's recommended you check it's all there as if something is missing or not working well and isn't logged staff may think you broke it throughout the year you're staying in the house or room. This can also depend if you get your full deposit back or not.

Top tip: Taking photos of the room or any wall marks etc on move in day can help prove it wasn't you. 

2. Check the gas safety certificate 

If you are moving into our recommended halls - Orlando Village - then this is not something you need to check but if moving into a separate accommodation, then you should ask to make sure they have this. All gas work carried out in your rented home should be done by an engineer on the Gas Safe Register.

3. Utilities 

Once again if you are in University halls these are already sorted or you. If you have a house where bills are included in the rent price, then these are also normally sorted for you by the landlord however if not it can seem like a daunting task. It is important to get these sorted straight away so you don't end up without internet or anything. 

4. Unpack all your things

Unpacking is tedious but it is always good to unpack it all on the first day and then you can see if there is anything else you need. Take on the essentials first, by which we mean things you can’t live without. For example, prioritise unpacking clothes and bedding before decorative items.

5. Clean 

No matter if you are moving into halls or a house, it should have been cleaned before you move in; however it is good to give bits a clean that may have got grubby while moving your stuff in. It’s much easier keeping on top of cleanliness than letting it get worse and worse, so whip the vacuum cleaner round and give everything a dust.

6. Safety checks 

This is often part of your inventory checks but is always useful to do as you move in. Make sure all the locks work on the doors and the windows shut securely. if any concerns, you should let your landlord or the University know. Make sure they’ve been installed where they need to have been, too. Remember: it’s the landlord’s responsibility to make sure there’s at least one smoke alarm installed on every storey; and a carbon monoxide one in any room with a solid fuel burning appliance (such as a coal fire, or wood burning stove).

7. Register to vote

This is another very dull task but is quick and easy to do. If you aren’t registered to vote, you don’t get a say on who represents you - so make sure you take yourself to the register to vote page.

8. Tell people your new address 

Another simple one but make sure you get the new address noted down and make sure everyone knows it. This will be useful for parents if picking you up, deliveries and birthdays etc.

9. Decorate 

Now that your settled and all of the moving in has been done, it's time to decorate your room. Making your room yours is key to feeling at home and not home-sick. Photos, posters or little decorations can make all the difference. 

10. Reassess your student budget 

Unless you’re paying the exact same amount for rent, bills and transport, it’s worth taking the time to tot up all of your expenses to work out how much you have to live on. Knowing your budget will stop you running into money problems further into the year. 

You can also chat with our staff directly every Wednesday from 2 pm - 4 pm and periodically throughout the working week.

Alternatively, chat with our current students who will be able to share this information with you and any other course-related queries.

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