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Interview Tips and Advice

There are a number of subjects such as Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Education, Music and Art and Design that require you to have an Interview. 

University Admission Tutors normally looks for people who are enthusiastic about the course inside and outside the classroom and if you keep up-to date with latest developments from that field. 

They also look for those who can learn and develop and cope with the demands of the course. So having academic knowledge of the subject will help a lot. They make ask questions on your past studies to see how you coped and what you remember from the past education and they may also ask unexpected questions to see if they can be answered on the spot to be able to see whether or not you can cope with stress. They will also do this to see if you can present ideas and to think for yourself and most importantly to see if you have good communication. 

Here are a few tips and advice on how you can be successful with the interview:-

Prepare answers for common questions - It is important to know how to answer questions such as 'why do you want to study this subject?' and 'why did you choose this university?'. It is very important to have answers memorised well for common questions like these.

Re-read your personal statement - It is very likely that you will be asked about some of the things you included in your personal statement, so make sure you familiarise yourself with what you have written. Ask your school/college to see your UCAS references too as some questions may be asked in the context of your references given from the teacher.

Make sure you can attend -  It is very important to attend the interview as you are very unlikely to be given a place if you do not show up. If you can not attend the interview for some reason, it is important to rearrange the date. This is really important as places are limited for interviews. Unless you have an emergency do not cancel last minute as this will show you are not serious about the place and could lose a chance for another interview.

Arrive on campus at least 30 mins before your interview starts - This will allow you to find the location for your interview before hand and keep you stress free and also help you familiarise yourself with the campus. 

Remember to bring any additional documents - If you are applying to subjects such as Creative Arts it is very important to have a portfolio of your work as the interview will be mostly focused on your work.

Dress smartly and comfortably - It is important that you look clean and tidy for your interview to make a good impression, so it is best to wear something you are comfortable. There will be some universities that will let you know what to wear such as casual clothing or even smart office wear. 

Prepare your own questions in advance - At the end of most interviews you will be given a chance to ask questions of your own. Make sure you have prepared questions of your own as this will show that you are engaged in the course as well as interested in the university. It is best to have a mixture of questions about the course as well as the university. 

Organise a mock interview - Taking part in a practice interview will help you to familiarise yourself with the experience. Your mock interviewer could be a teacher or someone who has some knowledge of your subject but should not be someone who knows you well. 

Remember to relax – You have earned this interview based on merit, so with proper preparation and honest answers, there’s nothing to worry about. 

Good luck!

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