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I'm making lots of job applications but not getting invited for interviews, can the Careers Service help?

It can be very disheartening to spend hours completing an application only to be unsuccessful without an interview or feedback. However, the Careers Service is here to help you.

If your applications aren’t getting you past the first hurdle then there are two key things you need to review: the first is your job-hunting strategy, and the second is the quality of your applications i.e. your CVs, applications, and covering letters.

You can also chat with our staff directly every Wednesday from 2 pm - 4 pm and periodically throughout the working week.

Alternatively, chat with our current students who will be able to share this information with you and any other course-related queries.

Or book onto one of our Open Days or Course Advice Days to find out more and speak with the team.

With your job-hunting strategy there are various factors to consider:
• How competitive is the market?
• Have you ensured that you meet all the requirements for the job as specified by the employer and the Job Specification?

One of the most important things to do is to review the quality of your CVs, application forms, and covering letters before you send them off and get to the interviewing stages.

  • For each application you need to ensure that you understand the nature of the job you are applying for and, most importantly, you must address all the selection criteria as specified by the employer. These criteria are usually found in the person specification or job specification.
  • You must give examples from your experience to demonstrate how you meet these requirements and how you have utilised your skill sets in various situations, without supporting evidence you may not be considered further. Also, consider that some skills or experiences may be 'desirable', and you will need to show, or provide examples of your willingness to learn, enhance, and cooperate to achieve them.
  • Always ensure to check your CV, application, and covering letters for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as any mistakes may detriment your application, particularly if this or attention to detail is a requirement of the role.

When you apply for a job your CV or application form should demonstrate how your skills and experience match the employer’s requirements for that job. The Careers Service can support with this. Please see our careers and employability page for self-service resources, or if you would like to book an appointment please contact one of our Employability Team today on 01204 903 080 or on

We are proud at the University of Bolton to have a dedicated employability team, to support your career ambitions.

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