Job Support

I'm making lots of job applications but not getting invited for interviews, can the Careers Service help?

Please don’t panic! We are here to help! The first step is to book an appointment with one of our Careers Advisers so that they can check your CV and recent applications. They can help you to target your applications and ensure your skills are clearly highlighted.

When you apply for a job your CV or application form should demonstrate how your skills and experience match the employer’s requirements for that job. They need to articulate strengths and skills and provide a clear and concise overview of what you can offer.

You can book a face to face or an online appointment to see a Careers Adviser during the week. Appointments can be made by calling into the Careers Centre, ringing the office on 01204 903080 or by logging onto Student Hub to book your own appointment at

Appointments are available for all current students, graduates and apprentices.