Advice and Guidance

I want to change or leave my course

University is a very big stepping stone and often people wonder if they made the right course choice. Here at the University of Bolton, we offer a lot of support and guidance if you find yourself in this situation. For students in this predicament, we recommend visiting our student and careers services for a chat and some advice on what is best to do or help to switch courses.

For some advice and guidance email our team at or call us on 01204 903 733.


Once you have decided you want to change course, you can get in touch with your personal tutor and Programme Leader to start the process. You will need the approval of your current Programme Leader, the Programme Leader of the course you are applying to transfer to, and the funding team to approve any financial effects of the course change.

If you are wanting to leave your course, please seek advice from your Personal Tutor, Programme leader, or Student Advisors before acting.

Please note that all course transfers will still be subject to the entry requirements and academic processes.