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I believe I am eligible to graduate, but have not received any notifications?

There are several reasons why you may not have been contacted by the Graduations team.

Firstly, please double-check that you have access to your Student Email address, all email communications will be sent to the student emails only.  Please also check that you are logged in to the myBolton App, as notifications will also be issued to you via the App.

  • If you are unable to access your student email, please email and request for your University email address to be re-activated. Remember to include a description why your account should be re-activated and include your student ID number with your email request
  • If you still have not received notifications concerning Graduations, it could simply be that you have not yet been identified as a potential graduate just yet.  We are awaiting communication from the Administrator
  • If you haven’t received details or cannot access Book-it-Bee and you believe that you are/will be eligible to graduate, you should contact us so that we can follow this up. Please email your full name, Student ID number, and the date you expect to qualify or have qualified to: