Careers Service

Do I need to know what I want to do before using the Careers Service?

That is a really good question, but put simply the answer is 'no'!

The Careers Service exists to help people with this exact dilemma, we are here to help even if you have little or no idea of what you can do after graduation. University studies are a time of growth, and career ambitions can change during your studies too.

If you are unsure about a future career, or you have changed your mind about your future plans, then please contact us and get the support as soon as possible. Remember though, that Careers Advisers will not tell you what to do - that decision has to be yours.

You can book a face to face or an online appointment to see a Careers Adviser during the week. Appointments can be made by calling into the Careers Centre, ringing the office on 01204 903080 or by logging onto Student Hub to book your own appointment at

Appointments are available for all current students, graduates and apprentices.