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Deferring entry: a parent/guardian guide

Deferring means applying for a course then taking a year out before going to university – for example, you could apply in September 2022 to start university in September 2023. Usually, you can only defer your entry by one year.

Deferring a place at university can occur due to lots of different reasons. Some courses do not allow you to defer your place if it is an exceptionally competitive course to get onto. It is always best to double check if they are taking deferrals as they may not be offering the course the following year, they could be changing it, or may prefer students not to have a gap in studying before they start their degree.

Why do students sometimes want to defer? 

For students finishing school or college, taking a year out before starting university – often called a gap year – gives them a chance to go travelling, earn some money to support their studies, and gain valuable experience. For others, it may be that they need to work, or have other commitments to fulfil before starting their course.

Applying for deferred entry means you can get your results confirmed and your university place set up and waiting for you to start the following year.

How to defer your application 

The most common way that students apply to the University of Bolton is through UCAS. To defer a place, it is easily done through the UCAS website. There is more step-by-step guidance on how to defer here.

You can also chat with our staff directly every Wednesday from 2 pm - 4 pm and periodically throughout the working week.

Alternatively, chat with our current students who will be able to share this information with you and any other course-related queries.

Or book onto one of our Open Days or Course Advice Days to find out more and speak with the team.

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