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Budgeting for Student Bills: Some of the Main Bills You Should Know About

Whether they are moving into student university halls or into private accommodation here are some of the main bills you or your child should consider when budgeting are as follows:

1. Utilities

On top of rent many students forget to budget for utility bills -gas, electric, water and WiFi. This will depend on their landlord in private accommodation. Finding all bills included accommodation can avoid stress of splitting bills between housemates. Orlando Village accommodation does include all the bills in their rent prices to make it easier for students to budget. 

2. Content Insurance

  • Orlando Village: If your child is living in our university recommended accommodation, they will automatically receive basic student room insurance protecting possessions inside their room against theft, fire and flood. 
  • Private accommodation: When moving into a privately-owned shared house or flat, they’re likely to need something more comprehensive unless the landlord states that they provide insurance, but it is best to discuss this with their landlord before signing a contract. 

3. Car insurance, running and taxing

Running a car as a student can often be pricey. If they decide to take their car to university double checking if the tax or insurance is more expensive in Bolton is useful to avoid any unexpected budgeting issues further into the year. 

4. Council Tax exemption

Good news  if everyone in your child’s household is a full-time student, they don't have to pay council tax. Bear in mind, though, that they’ll need to get a certificate of student status provided by their university to prevent them having to pay any council tax.

If someone in their household isn't full-time the house will still get a council tax bill but will qualify for a discount.

When moving into Orlando Village you don't have to worry about council tax as the University has sorted this for you. 

5. TV license 

Your child will need a TV Licence if they watch or record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV – whether it’s on a TV, laptop or tablet. The annual cost is usually £159 if paid in a one-off payment. You need a TV Licence to watch programmes on BBC iPlayer, whether live or recorded. However, they won't need a Licence to use other catch-up streaming services, like All 4 or the ITV Hub.

Some private landlords do include this, but it is best to check. If students living together have a joint tenancy agreement for the house, they only need to pay one License so this is worth double checking before buying.