Graduation Ceremony

Are students given seat numbers?

Yes, your seat number will be printed on the reverse of your ticket. Students must collect their student ticket from the Registration Desk at the Chancellor’s Building and present this ticket at the Albert Halls. 

You must ensure to keep your ticket safe and on your person at all times whilst at the Albert Halls, this is so that our Presenter can correctly announce your name and award on the stage as you are presented.

Once you have been shown to your seat, it is essential that you remain in your allocated seat until it is your turn to be presented. You are requested to sit with your hat off until the appropriate time during the ceremony then a member of staff will request your row to stand and walk to the right-hand side and put your hat on.

You will be guided to the platform; present your student ticket to the Usher which will be read out and you will then be presented. Please exit the platform by the steps opposite to return to your seat.

Please note that the ceremony will not be live-streamed outside of the Albert Halls, we will only stream footage to the Livestream Lounge for those guests who are attending with children.