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Will my Tier-4 visa be cancelled if I return to my home country?

To continue sponsoring your Tier-4 visa you must remain active studying, attending classes, and submitting your assignments. If you can continue studying and attending classes, and intend to return to te UK to resume study in the future, then the University should not need to report your visa for cancellation. However, if you are unable to continue studying and attending classes, and do not plan to return to the UK to continue your studies then your visa will need to be reported for cancellation.

You can also chat with our staff directly every Wednesday from 2 pm - 4 pm and periodically throughout the working week.

Alternatively, chat with our current students who will be able to share this information with you and any other course-related queries.

Or book onto one of our Open Days or Course Advice Days to find out more and speak with the team.

You may be able to study remotely for a period of time, however, if you are concerned that you will not be returning to study in the UK for some time then you will need to discuss this with the International Team or the person of contact that has been assigned to support you through your learning journey.

Similarly, if you are unable to access your learning resources, submit assignments, or other core tasks required as a student then you will need to consider suspending your studies, until you can study as normal when regular teaching and learning activities resume. Again,  you can contact the International Team for support on how to do this at or call 01204903110.


 The UK Home Office have set up a help centre for international students and staff to help answer any visa and immigration questions.

The helpline can only speak to the visa holder or applicant about individual cases. If a third party, such as a relative or agent would like to speak on their behalf, they must have the visa holder’s permission.

Call 0800 678 1767 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, calls free of charge) or email