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Is there support for Estranged students?

Estranged students are any young people going into higher education without the support or approval of family. Lacking this support network leaves many wanting to access Higher Education at a disadvantage and so there are various support services and funds available to help out. 

Some key areas are summarised below, and more details of the support available can be found on the UK Government Website, UCAS, or


In order to get the support you qualify for you will need to provide evidence of your estrangement. It is important to make your circumstances clear, provide the necessary statements and keep copies of any documents you have sent off.

Student finance now has a specialist team that can aid you with your application and you can contact them directly for support at


As an estranged student, University Halls may not be an option due to the deposit needed, and also because many halls only rent during the academic year, not the summer period.

Private renting is the alternative option as a lease often lasts 12 months. However, most private landlords will insist on the tenant having a guarantor, such as a homeowner or someone in full time work who can vouch to cover the cost of rent if necessary. For estranged students this isn't always an easy barrier to manage. 

Bursaries and Scholarships 

Some universities provide extra funding for estranged students to cover the cost of accommodation. All universities have a Hardship Fund which is any student struggling with funds can apply for. 

    There are many scholarship options available to students, estranged or otherwise, that can be applied for. Applicants that are estranged from their parents will find their case is more compelling. 

    Find more about University of Bolton Scholarships and Bursaries on our webpage, or by searching 'Scholarships' the Help CentreThe Scholarship Hub website also has a list of various funds available to students.

    Stand alone

    Stand Alone is an organisation that pledges to support estranged young people during their studies and time in higher education, you can find out more about the Stand Alone Pledge on their website.

    For general enquiries, help with budgeting or if you require a more detailed discussion regarding your financial situation, you can:

    • Telephone Student Finance Team on 01204 903 497 or 01204 903 499.
    • Attend one of the Funding Advice drop-in Sessions that are held in the Student Centre, Chancellor’s Mall five days a week – 11am-1pm on Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri and 1pm-3pm on Wednesdays 
      Phone or email to schedule an appointment during COVID-19 measures*

    For further information please visit the Student Funding Page.

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