Are the July 2021 traditional graduation ceremonies going ahead?

In these unprecedented circumstances, your Alternative Graduation will be a streamlined, safe, and memorable occasion to honour and celebrate your achievements.

We will hold Alternative Graduations over the course of six days, very much following the usual pattern. But in contrast to previous years, each event will be a special ceremony for each individual School, with no guests invited and none of the large ceremonial processions that characterise typical graduations. Better yet, you won’t have to listen to all the long speeches before you receive your award!

You will receive your award as usual, presented to you personally by your Head of School. Everyone will be wearing gowns and full academic dress as usual. You will have the opportunity to have your photograph taken by our official graduation photographer and will have your picture taken again as your degree is presented to you. If you want a few extra mementos, you will be able to request more photos from our University photographer, if you’re not already sick of being snapped! So, while your family and friends will not be able to share the occasion with you in person, they will have a variety of photographs, including that special moment when you are presented with your commemorative scroll to acknowledge your degree. Your official degree certificate will be posted to your home, to keep it safe.

At the University of Bolton, we are proud of our work on-campus to ensure our students can enjoy #UniAsItShouldBe in a COVID-secure environment.